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Gavin Newsom Refuses To Endorse Cash Reparations For Black Californians

California Governor Gavin Newsom refuses to endorse cash payment reparations for Black Californians. This news comes after a special task force in the state held meetings for months to discuss what reparations would look like. Some outlandish numbers were floated around. Cash payments as high as $1.2 million per person and a total budget of $800 billion dollars were mentioned. The outcome of the special task force’s efforts was anti-climatic at best. No political incentive exists for reparations to take place in California, a state that never had slavery and was not necessarily a haven for widespread discrimination.


California Gov. Newsom declines to back reparations checks, says slavery’s legacy is ‘more than cash payments’ | Fox News

California Governor Gavin Newsom declines to publicly support reparations recommendations from state task force – ABC7 Los Angeles

Newsom declines to endorse reparations checks proposed by California task force

Newsom responds to recommendations from California reparations task force

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