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Trump Axios Interview RECAP (8.3.20) John Lewis, Virus, Black Americans

Donald Trump appeared on HBO for an AXIOS interview on Monday, August 3rd, 2020. They covered a wide range of topics, including the passing of civil rights figure John Lewis, Trump’s impact on black Americans, and of course, the virus. As of Tuesday, August 4th, the interview is trending all over social media because of a few sound-byte-friendly moments and the interviewer’s facial responses to Trump’s answers.

Although the interview was over a half an hour and the interviewer, Jonathan Swan of AXIOS, dove into quite a few different areas, the aforementioned topics gained the most attention on social media. CNN held sort of a “watch party” in which they played a portion of the interview and had Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms react to it in real time. She labeled the clip as disgusting and selfish on Trump’s part (of course.) The clip in question was when Swan pressed Trump about John Lewis’ legacy.

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Leftist media are a funny bunch. On one hand, they will say Trump is a consistent liar who has told tens of thousands of lies during his Presidency. One talking-head guest pundit said the President has told over 20,000 lies since the Inauguration. Jonathan Swan asked Trump if John Lewis was an impressive man, or if at least his story was impressive.

John Lewis Was Not A Fan

Trump said that Lewis may have meant a lot to many people, but at the same time he did not attend the inauguration and they never even met. There is no secret that Trump was not a fan of John Lewis and vice-versa. So why would Trump lie and say that he was a fan of John Lewis?

During Trump’s take on John Lewis, he reminded Swan and everyone watching that he has done more for black Americans than anyone. People on social media, and maybe even Keisha Lance Bottoms, probably thought that the President was saying that he’s done more than John Lewis which is actually a debatable point. But he was most likely speaking about other Presidents with the exception of Abraham Lincoln. If that’s what the President meant, then it would be difficult for any honest person to deny.

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The Virus Is Still On The Table

Trump brought his own virus data charts to the interview. And of course, he got hit over that on social. But there is nothing inherently wrong with being prepared. Swan and Trump got into a back-and-forth over “cases” vs “deaths” in relation to the spread of the virus in the United States. Swan did a typical leftist journalist move.

The fear-mongering media originally focused on the number of deaths when the virus first appeared in the United States. Once the deaths leveled out, the next thing the media focused on was the amount of virus “cases.” The problem is that the media focused on cases with the same intensity as deaths, signaling to the public that the virus is still as bad as it was in March which is simply untrue.

Little More Than Nothingburger

There was a lot more in the 37-minute video that Swan and Trump touched on. But it wasn’t much more than a leftist hit from the beginning. Just not as bad as a CNN does on a consistent and daily basis. It would be fantastic to see Joe Biden in the AXIOS/HBO/CNN hot seat, but that probably won’t happen anytime soon.

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