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George Floyd Protests ENDED The Chinese Virus Panic!

The George Floyd incident in Minneapolis has effectively ended the Chinese COVID-19 virus. Or at least, any news coverage of the virus.

For months upon months, the virus was all the news would report on. No other stories seemed to have any importance. Constant fearmongering from high-ranking officials was the norm. Anthony Fauci would appear on television daily to scold you for going outside lest you want your grandmother to die a horrible death.

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Where Has The Virus Gone?

But now, just two weeks after the last batch of grave virus news, the virus appears to be no more. At least, that’s what you would think by watching the news. All of the news is now centered around George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests.

The very same people who said “stay home, stop the spread, flatten the curve” are now screeching “Black Lives Matter” at the top of their lungs with several thousand other people. This is happening in major cities all across the United States. It’s the strangest phenomenon. Their apparent fear of dying from being a group of ten or more without social distancing is now gone. Except for the presence of masks, these people have done a total 180.

Weak Minds Of Man

All of this just goes to show how much like sheep that human beings are. Any story that gets enough attention from the mainstream media gets picked up as gospel.

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So-called experts are relied upon to feed us negative information. But they will turn around and feed the exact opposite information two weeks later, with no actual changes to the virus. And they are never really questioned on their original stances. Nor do they get questioned on the flip-flopping behind their new stances. If anyone dares do that, they are virtually tarred and feathered as a heretic.

Although Floyd may not have been an honorable man, his death was not in vain. It revealed a lot about Americans and humanity in general.

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