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The Man Who Killed David Dorn Should Have Been In Prison Already

Stephon Cannon has been arrested for the shooting of 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn in St. Louis, Missouri. The alleged shooter has prior charges of felony assault and felony robbery stemming from a 2013 incident. He was convicted in 2014 and given a seven-year sentence.

Cannon never actually served a day in jail and was given five years of probation instead, which he completed in 2019. He violated the terms of his probation at least twice and was given a pass both times. He never served any time in prison.

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If the justice system in St. Louis worked properly, then it’s safe to say that David Dorn would still be alive today. Dangerous criminals like Cannon should serve their time in prison rather than roaming the streets. The crime he allegedly committed that night at the pawnshop when David Dorn’s life was taken is the exact same crime he should have been in prison for. The only difference is that this time, a man’s life was taken.

Is Law Enforcement “Reform” Actually Needed?

Constant riots (“protests”) are still happening across the United States. Protesters claim to honor the memory of George Floyd. They want police reform, sentencing reform, and maybe even the abolishment of police altogether. All of their demands and/or requests are supposed to help improve the black community and/or other “poor” communities. But when these people zoom out and examine their requests honestly, they should see the truth.

The truth is that police do not need reform in these inner-city areas. Sentencing guidelines do not need any reform. And police most certainly should not be disbanded. What’s actually needed to help low-income, black and other race communities is more policing, not less. Not just when someone calls the number. But also proactive policing. Broken-windows policing gets maligned by the media and activist types, but it is effective.

Look At The Real Black Community Issues

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When activists and random politicians get their way, the revolving door of “justice” happens in black communities. Light sentences for very serious crimes become the norm. Some guys even go home with no jail time on violent crimes. New York City released violent criminals onto the street because of the “virus” although it never became a serious problem in any prison. California released an inmate in jail on a sex crime. He violated the terms of release by exposing himself to his parole officer, in the parole office.

Some people are simply criminals and they should be treated as such. To give them any leeway or excuses only works to the detriment of innocent citizens that live around them. David Dorn survived 38 years of law enforcement and 77 years of life, only to have it all come to an end due to inadequate sentencing and enforcement. Maybe the problems the black community faces would not be so severe if law and order were allowed to reign rather than ridiculous social justice dreams turned reality.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Amen! What you are saying is right. You are speaking the truth. Truth will always be balanced by truth. My wife and I love watching you on youtube. It is sad the subject, but you are about the facts.

    We were told by one of our local Deputy Sheriffs that insurances will not cover looting, because it is a act of terrorism. So please pray for those who have been attacked by looters.


    Timothy McCauley

    I am from Georgia, and I am of the human race. I see what God sees those Christ Jesus commanded us to love, ALL PEOPLE. Amen. I don’t understand why people want to destroy, ” Mount Rushmore, ” and ” Stone Mountain. ” History is what it is. You and I didn’t make it, but hopefully we learned from it. It isn’t all pretty, but we should learn from the haters. We shouldn’t judge nor condemn another only forgive all in Jesus Christ name. Amen. Alleluia!

  2. The worst thing to Blacks as Malcolm X stated, is the white liberal. NO ONE wants to talk about truth! The hip-hop culture, fatherless homes and children, welfare policies which often punish those trying to get ahead are many of the big issues which our corrupt leftist media and pandering politicians know is true but will not admit since all they want is power. Blacks who buy the leftist narrative are suckers. There is a REASON liberal do not want school choice so black kids can get a better education; if they are smarter they can’t be controlled.

  3. GOD HELP US if these EVIL GLOBALIST on the LEFT get their way. BLM, ANTIFA, CCP, and way too many more than I can name are in the middle of THIS attempted COUP, and they are using Blacks (us) as the PAWNS and USEFUL IDIOTS. DISBANDING the Police would be a FATAL ERROR . . .


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