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Giuliani’s WILD Press Conference & The Tucker Carlson Fallout

Attorney and Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani alongside fellow attorney Sidney Powell had what has been widely described as a “wild” press conference. They discussed the issue of domestic and foreign election interference. A key allegation from the lawyers here is that the election was essentially stolen from President Donald Trump.

There are several claims of election fraud involving tabulation software called “Dominion Systems”. Hundreds of people have signed written affidavits alleging election fraud on varying levels. This information and more was presented during the press conference. Needless to say, the media was not totally on board with what the lawyers were saying. There is even a small number of critics on the right who aren’t totally sold on the information that Giuliani and Powell are offering.

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Critical media types are asking for more physical evidence of voter fraud. They are essentially saying… if the allegation is being made that widespread fraud is happening, then prove it. To specifically prove voter fraud with a smoking gun of sorts is easier said than done. After all, the entire objective of voter fraud is for it to go undetected and remain that way. This is why when mainstream media says that there is little to no evidence of voter fraud, they may be correct but that is the entire point. To go undetected. There are, however, a plethora of sworn affidavits that can be used as evidence, even if not direct physical evidence of election fraud.

While it is true that proving election fraud is difficult, that’s not to say no evidence of it exists. Another question here is… can that evidence be revealed to the public in the midst of court action? Trump’s lawyers, and other lawyers representing private parties, are in the middle of a ton of legal action. Revealing evidence key to legal proceedings may ruin lawsuits therefore ruining the cases that may be ruled in Trump’s favor.

When Tucker Carlson’s show asked Sidney Powell for evidence, she allegedly passed them a sworn affidavit that is cleared for public consumption. Tucker Carlson says that she did not send them any evidence. Maybe they are both telling the truth and therein lies the problem. The issue is over what is considered evidence or not.

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Either way it goes, the majority of left-leaning, mainstream media will either simply ignore the story or focus on trivial matters like Rudy Giuliani’s temple-hair dye dripping down his face while he was sweating profusely. The facts and allegations of this case which are wide spread and supremely damaging may not be taken seriously at all due to the stranglehold that leftist media have on the dissemination of information. It is up to us, on a grassroots level, to spread the proper information and fight against fake news, including fraudulent election results.


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