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Mainstream Media Comes UNGLUED During VP Mike Pence Conference

Vice President Mike Pence gave what any sane person would believe was an encouraging coronavirus task force press briefing since the Trump Administration announced its success in overseeing the production of two COVID-19 vaccines.

Pence gave kudos for this accomplishment while also stressing some common sense recommendations, such as washing hands, social distancing and wearing masks when necessary as America continues to push through the pandemic.

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After his presser, Pence did not take questions, resulting in an hateful explosion from reporters in attendance. The sea of corporate media employees roared, coming unglued and unhinged. Could we even be sure that we are looking at a room of actual journalists or a rambunctious classroom of bratty students?

This year, reporters have reached peak unprofessionalism as they turn press conferences into full-on protests. This leaves Americans questioning whether journalists are nothing more than far-left demonstrators, emboldened by their style guides, press clearances and editorial briefings. In some cases, the only difference between these reporters and actual activists is the somewhat professional attire.

What’s admirable is that Pence is a master of composure. A man worthy of his title, he continued to offer encouragement and gratitude to the American people for enduring what we have so far. Despite the hatred and vitriol hurled at this administration, Pence finds the positive perspective — something the mainstream media could put into practice instead of their perpetual message of doom and gloom.

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