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Grammy Nominees Drop Out Because Their Category Is All White

Three Grammy nominees for Best Children’s Album dropped out of contention due to everyone in their category being white. The protest move comes after quite a few years of a diversity push happening not only within The Grammy Awards but also throughout other areas of entertainment and popular culture. The argument could be made that even the Nobel Peace Prize has fallen victim to rewarding social justice instead of the essence of which the award and/or recognition was intended.

The Okee Dokee Brothers, and others, refused their Grammy nominations because everyone in their category was white. Maybe one of the three acts dropped out first and created a domino effect where others felt pressure to drop out, maybe it was a coordinated effort, or maybe it was happenstance. The method in which all of the acts dropped out is less important than the action of them dropping out. This is not the first time such an action has taken place. And it begs the question… what do award shows mean any more? Should anyone take them seriously?

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Multiple-time Grammy winner “The Weeknd” now thinks that the Grammys are meaningless after his complete exclusion from the show. Rapper Kanye West filmed himself peeing inside of his Grammy award. The Oscars are not much different with the campaign #OscarsSoWhite which forced The Academy to consider race and social justice when determining nominees and winners whenever possible for each category. If things unrelated to the art are considered for an award of artistic accomplishment, then one must conclude that the overall award is meaningless.

This same “woke virus” has affected other institutions including The Nobel Peace prize and the modeling world. Slam poet Amanda Gorman and Kamala Harris’s Step-Daughter Ella Emhoff were both given IMG Modeling contracts just days after the 2021 Presidential Inauguration. Neither one of the two women fit into what one would normally see as a model, but they check all the diversity and inclusion boxes. They are both politically left, minorities in their own way, and recently very popular. Slam dunk. Compare that to Melania Trump, a bonafide supermodel, who was never featured on the cover of major magazines during her four years as First Lady of the United States.

As mentioned earlier, The Nobel Peace Prize is a corrupted industry itself. Black Lives Matter were nominated for the prize by Norwegian MP Petter Eide. Eide says the reasoning behind the nomination is the work they’ve done to raise awareness of racial injustice. When confronted about the 25 deaths from BLM/ANTIFA riots in the US alone in 2020, he did not have much to say. Was he speechless about the riots because he is ignorant to those facts or because those facts are unimportant when it comes to rewarding efforts of leftist social justice? Only Eide would know the answer to that question, but anyone observing the situation honestly can make their own mind up.

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