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One Of Biden’s 42 Executive Orders May Ruin Women’s Sports

One of the 42 executive orders that Joe Biden has signed in the past 10 days ruins women’s sports. The order calls for transgender inclusion when it comes to restrooms, locker rooms, and sports. Restrooms and locker rooms are a sensitive issue, especially for students in grade school because of the obvious safety issues. But the bigger issue here is sports because that part of the executive order may destroy women’s sports as we know it… at least for biological women.

There shouldn’t be a reason to treat a person poorly if that person poses no harm or threat. But the obvious question here is… what does treating a person “poorly” actually mean? It should mean that the person is treated differently than other people in an unfair way. If a normal man attempted to walk into the women’s restroom or women’s locker room, he would not be allowed. So why should a biological man who now identifies as female be treated differently?

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The same logic applies to the issue of women’s sports and men’s sports. The genders are separated for a reason. And that reason has nothing to do with sexism. The undeniable fact is that men are different than women. Bone structure, testosterone, upper body strength, height, everything is different between the sexes. Those differences do not vanish just because a person identifies as a different sex. Whatever someone thinks in their mind is their business and they are entitled to it. But an attempt to legislate these clear and obvious biological differences out of existence simply does not work.

Biological men competing with and against biological women is simply unfair. Men would have their sports where no women ever compete on a serious level, and women would have their sports where all the top performers are men. If people truly cared about women’s success then the appropriate thing to do is to have women compete with each other. It’s strange that the same crowd of people who elected Joe Biden love to talk about “believe the science” when it comes to Fauci and masks, but totally ignore provable biology when it comes to transgender men/women in sports.


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