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Lincoln Project Co-Founder Allegedly Sexually Harassed 21 Young Men

Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver allegedly sexually harassed 21 young men over the course of many years. The story has reached mainstream media with a whimper, as most outlets are not giving the testimony of the young men much airtime. Most of the young men say that Weaver attempted to use his political status and financial power to coerce them into sexual favors in exchange for career advancement. Weaver is married to a woman and has two children with her.

The Lincoln Project is a notoriously anti-Trump group that also calls itself conservative Republican. Conservatives who support Trump and are familiar with the Lincoln Project see the group as RINOs or Republican in Name Only. Weaver helped with the Presidential of fellow never-Trumper John McCain. Another Lincoln Project affiliate, Stuart Stevens, was accused of stalking a woman for a year. Stevens helped the McCain and Romney presidential campaigns.

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John Weaver has been categorically disavowed by the Lincoln Project through a statement released by the media and on Twitter. George Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s husband, is a Lincoln Project member and appeared on television to feign ignorance at the John Weaver story. But there is evidence that many of the 21 men who have come forward with their story of sexual harassment contacted the Lincoln Project with the same story and got no cooperation of any kind.

One of the young men alleging sexual harassment against Weaver was a 14-year-old boy when the harassment allegedly started. When the boy became 18, the harassment became more sexually explicit. One of the cases of sexual harassment did result in physical interaction with Weaver and one of the young men, but it has been reported as consensual. However, if there is evidence of “grooming”, then that is an issue itself aside from consent.

If this story involved a true conservative Republican male involved with politics and 21 young women claiming that they were sexually harassed for years by that man, then the whole world would stand up and take notice. A prime example of this is Brett Kavanaugh. Although many dozens of more women came to his defense than laid any allegations at his feet, the media still ran with the story as gospel. Christine Blasey Ford, one of Kavanaugh’s accusers, made her way onto the cover of Time Magazine. Will the twenty-one MALE accusers of John Weaver get the Christine Blasey-Ford treatment? Doubtful.

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