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Giuliani Says Hunter Biden’s Laptop Has Pictures Of Underage Girls

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on Newsmax TV to reveal more information about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Guiliani says that some of the contents are illegal and so crude that he had no choice but to hand the hard drive over to Delaware Police. Unfortunately, they forwarded the hard drive to the FBI, who already had a copy for at least seven months.

According to the Mayor, and a variety of sources, there are pictures of underaged girls on Hunter Biden’s laptop, including one specific “unidentified” underage girl. There are also text messages between Hunter Biden and his father, Joe Biden, about everything from the illegal pictures to his crack usage. This information comes on the heels of other information that outline Joe Biden’s relationship with his son’s illicit business dealings.

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Mainstream media wasted no time trying to attack Giuliani by resurfacing an old picture and story of him in a Sacha Baron Cohen movie. The picture shows Giuliani laying on a hotel bed with his hands near his belt buckle loop on his pants. A young lady is in the room with him with what appears to be news reporter attire on. Sacha Baron Cohen bursts into the room and says she is 15 and “too old” for Giuliani. The woman was actually an adult and Giuliani never exposed himself. But it’s enough for the media to run with and not censor, unlike the Hunter Biden story.

If the media were being honest, they would cover the Hunter Biden story with much more intensity and seriousness than they are trying to cover the story up and smear Giuliani over the Borat movie. At this point in the game, the fix is in and it couldn’t be any clearer. Silicon Valley and the Mainstream Media (same thing) both want Joe Biden to succeed by any means necessary. Even if they have to lie cheat and steal, they want their will done.


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