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UK Member Of Parliament DESTROYS Black Lives Matter!

UK Member of Parliament and Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch delivered a blistering talk in front of parliament railing against Black Lives Matter (BLM) and also Critical Race Theory. She slammed both the BLM organization and the idea of Critical Race Theory as racist and communist ideologies. Badenoch mentioned a specific incident where a black police officer was called a “pet n****r” by mostly white BLM protesters.

Both BLM and critical race theory are supposed to be tools to fight against racism. But in reality, those organizations are prolific peddlers of racism. Black Lives Matter is a phrase that should not be controversial, because of course black lives matter. Everyone else’s lives matter as well, which is where BLM supporters tend to disagree. And on that disagreement (among other ones) they tend to lash out and fight. Critical race theory teaches that non-white people are inferior to superior white people. This appears to be the equivalent to white supremacist language. The key difference is that adherents to critical race theory think that it is the “supreme” white man’s job to fix all problems in society.

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The main issue the Conservative Party of UK’s parliament has with the aforementioned ideologies is their proliferation into academia. Schools are teaching Black Lives Matter and critical race theory as fact without any other contesting point of view. This, of course, leads to other societal problems that cause a country to decay from the inside. There is no need for outside invaders when all of the damage happens from within. Which makes BLM and critical race theory national security issues aside from being generally gross and unpleasant.


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