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Hakeem Jeffries Under Fire For Remarks Against Black Conservatives In 1992 College Paper

Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries is under fire for a 1992 college paper in which he attacked black conservatives. The House Rep from New York said in the 31-year-old op-ed that the recent trend of black conservatives seeks to sustain the oppression of the black masses. In the paper, he mentioned Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, author Shelby Steele, and General Colin Powell by name. He labeled them as “house negroes”, which is obviously a very offensive term to use toward black people.

Jeffries is also facing criticism for supporting his uncle, Professor Leonard Jeffries of City College. Professor Jeffries made anti-semitic remarks linked to Minister Louis Farrakhan. Hakeem Jeffries’ office released a statement denouncing the words of his uncle, but there has been no comment about the vitriol spewed toward black conservatives all those years ago.

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It is important to note that the op-ed in question came out a very long time ago. Many people who voted for Jeffries may not have even been alive at that time. Jeffries was a young man and as such, should be entitled to make mistakes.

The problem is that he has not come out to apologize for his previous remarks. The media have also not held Jeffries’ feet to the proverbial fire. If the political or racial shoe were on the other foot, however, then there would be a mountain of criticism and condemnation headed in his direction. Everything about this incident shows just how biased mainstream media and the political establishment are.


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