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UPDATE: No Federal Charges In The Death Of Shanquella Robinson

The US Government has declined to pursue federal charges in the case of Shanquella Robinson due to a lack of sufficient evidence. Robinson’s family is, of course, taken aback by the decision as are many followers of the case online. This story gained national attention about five to six months ago when a video of Robinson being attacked by her “friends” in Mexico went viral.

The backstory to this case is that Shanquella Robinson took a trip to Mexico with a group of “friends.” She allegedly paid for all of their expenses. When the trip concluded, Robinson’s friends returned home without her. The story they gave friends and family was that she had alcohol poisoning. Later evidence revealed that she was killed by blunt force trauma.

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The same friends who told Robinson’s family about the alcohol poisoning were allegedly in the video of her being beaten. Most casual observers believe, for a good reason, that the friends did something nefarious and that they should be held accountable.

Unfortunately, the Federal Government does not see enough evidence to pursue a case. Mexican authorities may be able to charge some of her friends with crimes, but that will open a can of worms requiring extradition and an admission of failure by US authorities.


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