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Harvard President Claudine Gay Out After Plagiarism And Anti-Semitism Controversies

Claudine Gay is out as Harvard’s President after just six months on the job, which is the shortest tenure in the history of the position. This forced resignation comes on the heels of two separate controversies. Gay was thrust into the spotlight during a Congressional Hearing on anti-semitism on college campuses after the events of October 7th set of a series of college protests in favor of HAMAS. Gay was one of three other University Presidents grilled by GOP House Reps in early December. Gay’s responses were not seen as strong enough by those who say colleges allow too much anti-semitism to flourish on campus.

Allegations of supporting anti-semitism, however, were not enough to cost Claudine Gay her job. Harvard firmly stood behind its first black president in its 386-year history. Hundreds of Harvard alumni signed a letter standing behind Claudine Gay. However, the allegation of plagiarism was brewing in the background the entire time. Her 1997 Ph.D. dissertation was deemed to have been plagiarized. This set off an unofficial investigation where many more instances of plagiarism were discovered. Gay attempted to add “corrections” to the work she produced in the past: citations. However, the masses did not accept this attempt at revisionist history, which cost her the job of President at Harvard University.

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