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Harvard Professor Needed Police Protection After Publishing Paper On Police Shootings

Harvard economics professor Roland G. Fryer spoke to Bari Weiss at the University of Austin a few days ago. Their conversation was over an hour long and touched on his infamous 2016 academic paper. The paper in question tackled the idea of racial bias concerning encounters with police.

The “paper” is more like a book, with 100 pages and another 150 pages of annotations. The paper can be broken down into two sections. The first section concluded that there are some instances of racial bias during low-level encounters with police officers. Most of the general public agreed with that conclusion, but little controversy arose. However, the second part of the paper concluded that there were not any provable instances of racial bias in police shootings.

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Roland Fryer, who is black, said the kickback from such an assertion was so bad that he was forced to utilize police protection for over a month. He recalled a time when he went to the store to get pampers for his newborn daughter under the guard of an officer with a rifle.


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