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Heather McDonald Has Questions About The Booster After Collapsing On Stage

Comedian Heather McDonald has some questions about the vax after collapsing on stage while performing. The story goes back to a few days ago when she was actually wrapping up a joke about getting all of her shots. She appeared to be sort of dizzy and out of breath even before collapsing. McDonald told the vax joke while essentially standing in one place on stage. As soon as she physically moved a step or two, she totally collapsed and fell backward. This fall resulted in a fractured skull. McDonald says she got the booster about three weeks ago to the date of the fall.

McDonald appeared on Dr. Drew to speak about a variety of things, including the possibility of the booster having something to do with her fall. Dr. Drew said that he has heard of people having complications after (but not necessarily because of) the booster shot at right around the two to three week mark. Myocarditis is a well-known potential issue after the vax and boosters. This is a condition where the area around the heart becomes inflamed, therefore causing problems with proper blood flow. Fainting is a clear sign of restricted blood flow from low blood pressure or another cause.

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Bob Saget recently died and his death went sort of unnoticed. Meaning… people expressed their grief or sadness that the TV dad “Danny Tanner” had passed away, but nobody really asked the question “why”? His death was just accepted by people and they moved on. When his cause of death was revealed as “blunt force trauma to the head”, again, nobody really asked any questions. But Heather McDonald, in her new state of mind, asked a question. Could he have suffered the same fate as Heather? Maybe he fell violently after collapsing, hit his head, and then went to sleep without realizing his brain was bleeding and died? That’s certainly possible.

This traumatic experience may have been what was necessary to open up Heather McDonald’s eyes. This is not to explicitly say that the booster caused her on-stage collapse. It is to simply say that she is at least questioning things. If a person thinks about these brand-new shots critically and still decides to get them, that’s one thing. But if a person is coerced or is somehow bullied into getting them, without much questioning, then that’s a serious problem.


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