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NYC Mayor Wants Social Media To Ban Violent “Drill” Rap Music

NYC Mayor Eric Adams informed reporters about this plan to ask social media to ban certain “drill” rap videos due to their lyrics. The mayor was educated about this phenomenon by his son, who works for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Drill rap is essentially typical violent rap with a more personal twist. Actual people who are dead are often disrespected by their rivals in songs. Others are threatened with violence. Several of these rappers have been shot and/or killed in New York City and other parts of the country.

Eric Adams appears to be focused on reducing gun violence by removing negative influences and imagery that may lead to some of it. The problem is that there is a deeper, underlying issue that is actually the elephant in the room. Movements like Black Lives Matter and Defund The Police have done more to increase the violent crime rates in major cities across the nation than rap music ever has. If that “root” cause does not get addressed, then simply attempting to ban rap music will accomplish nothing.

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