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Politicians And Celebrities Refuse To Wear Masks At Super Bowl 56

Hypocrisy coming from society’s elite was on full display during Super Bowl 56. Celebrities and politicians refused to abide by Los Angeles County’s indoor mask mandate. Some would argue that SoFi Stadium is not completely enclosed although it does have a roof. The problem with that line of reasoning is that there are also enclosed suites for big-money attendees. These areas are not outdoor at all. Los Angeles County’s Public Health Department announced a requirement for masks and vaccine cards specifically for the game. Seventy-thousand people were in attendance and very few, if any, masks were visibly worn.

Politicians and celebrities essentially ignored any sort of mask mandate. A tweet from the L.A. County Public Health office states that masks must be worn at all times during the game. Ellen DeGeneres, LeBron James, Charlize Theron, Matt Damon, and a host of other big-name people were all photographed without masks on. They were speaking to people who were very short distances away. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was again pictured without a mask. The last time he was caught “out there” like this, the excuse is that he was holding his breath to take a picture. This time, however, the picture was more candid. He wasn’t posing. Garcetti was simply talking to about three people and they were standing in a typical “conversation circle”.

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Mask (and vaccine) mandates are being repealed all over the United States. This has become a political issue when it should have never been one. Both sides of the proverbial “aisle” are against it. The Freedom Convoy on the US/Canada border is rumored to replicate itself in other parts of the country and world. To label these protests as “virus fatigue” is a gross understatement. People are simply not going to put up with the ridiculous, anti-science nonsense that these political people virtue signal for on television but refuse to actually practice themselves. This “pandemic” will likely come to an end this year, in 2022, not for “scientific” reasons. But because of political reasons.


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