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Hillary Clinton Operatives Spied On Trump According To Durham Report Court Filing

A court filing filed by the Durham Probe into the 2016 Russia Allegations says that paid Hillary Clinton operatives spied on Trump in a variety of ways. Trump was allegedly spied on at the Trump Tower, in his luxury high-rise apartment residence, and in the White House itself after he became President. The idea is that these operatives wanted to help Hillary Clinton win by “fabricating” stories to show a link between Russia and Donald Trump. The 2017-2019 Mueller Russia probe found that Russia may have favored Hillary Clinton over Trump but there was no collusion between the Russian Federation and the Trump campaign.

Donald Trump has said that his campaign was spied on for years now. As recently as October 2020, he told Lesley Stahl of CBS “60 Minutes” that there is evidence of his campaign being spied on. Stahl simply denied his claims as if she was some sort of authority to fact-check Trump. Now that evidence has surfaced from Special Counsel John Durham’s probe into the origin of the 2016 Russia Hoax that supports Trump’s claim, there is radio silence from CBS and the rest of mainstream media. Fox News is the only station on television that has touched the story at all. A few online “publications” have mentioned the story in an attempt to debunk it. But these articles they write are simply playing with words. Pure semantics.

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The story behind Durham’s recent filing is long but the following will be a summary. A South African man by the name of Rodney Joffe hired a team of opposition research people who came mostly from Georgia Tech. Joffe was involved because he is a Hillary Clinton supporter and he was promised a job in the administration if Hillary Clinton was to win. Joffe’s “team” has been referred to in past revelations from the Russia Hoax as “computer scientists”. Hillary Clinton herself has even referred to them by the latter moniker on Twitter. The purpose of these so-called “computer scientists” was to try and dig up any dirt and/or create a link between the Russian Federation and Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. It didn’t truly matter if this dirt was true or false.

Some data was actually recovered by these people hired by Rodney Joffe. The problem is that this data was recovered by what would normally be considered “hacking”. Some may argue the accuracy of the word “hacking” because the Federal Government itself may have been complicit in this data collection for their own purposes. It is nearly the equivalent of Watergate but on a much deeper level. The opposition research “team” was essentially let in through the backdoor of the White House that was already established by a Pentagon contract. This means that the Federal Government was (allegedly) complicit in an effort to assist one Presidential candidate over the other. They were also allegedly complicit in removing a sitting President from office because some of the spying happened after Trump became President.


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