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Vegan Feminist Says Eating Meat Is Somehow Racist & Sexist

A woke vegan feminist by the name of Carol Adams says that eating meat stems from racism and sexism. Her twelve-minute or so monologue on the issue was given at the Oxford Union Society in England. Oxford Union has been around for at least 190 years. Their focus is to host debates from a whole host of issues. It is not clear if the issues of today would have ever made it to the Oxford Union platform even 50 years ago, let alone 200 years ago. But here we are today in 2022 discussing the racial politics of certain types of food that humans consume.


The Oxford Union Debate on “This House Would Move Beyond Meat.” — Carol J. Adams

‘Every woke buzzword used in Carol Adams’ debate claiming meat is linked to having a ‘white supremacist patriarchal’ worldview | Sky News Australia

‘Gotta digest this as I head to a BBQ’: Carol Adams slammed for calling eating meat ‘white supremacist’ | MEAWW

Sexual Politics of Meat (Paperback) | Golden Lab Bookshop

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