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Hollywood Actor Blames Straight People After His Gay Rom-Com “Bros”

Hollywood actor Billy Eichner blamed straight people for the flop of his newly-released LGBT “rom-com” movie called “Bros”. The film cost $22 million to make and did not quite crack $5 million in box office receipts during its opening weekend. The movie is about a romance between two males and the storyline is supposedly comedic, hence the term “rom-com” (romantic comedy).

Eichner, in a Twitter thread, said that he attended a premiere of the movie in Los Angeles. The theater was sold out and everyone loved it, according to him. Since this same level of excitement and love for the film was not shared all over the country, Eichner began to hurl out the typical insults that leftist elites hand out to middle America.

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Ultimately, the LGBT actor placed his blame squarely on the backs of homophobic and/or straight people who refuse to watch his movie. The reality is that other movies starring gay male couples have done very well, such as Brokeback Mountain. “The Wire” is one of the most popular television shows of all time and one of the main characters, Omar, was a gay male.

Blaming straight people over the lack of success for a gay movie and then labeling them with the term “homophobic” is wildly inappropriate. Maybe “Bros” simply flopped at the box office due to lack of marketing, poor script, bad actors, no big-name actors to draw in an audience, or a combination of all of the above. These same factors would damage any movie, not just one with two gay male leads.


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