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High School Girls Banned From Girls Locker Room Due To Transgender Teammate On Volleyball Team

Biological girls at a Vermont High School were banned from the girl’s locker room due to an issue with a transgender girl. Ten players on the Randolph High School volleyball team (pretty much everyone) have an issue with their transgender teammate being allowed into the locker room. The girls do not have an issue with the person being transgender or the fact that they are on the girl’s team. The issue is only with the locker room.

There is an allegation that the trans person said something “inappropriate” while in the locker room. That comment, and just the general uncomfortable nature of a biological boy being in the girl’s locker room, caused the girls on the team to complain. The school created a solution of actually banning the girls from the locker room and then requiring them to change into a single-stall bathroom. As a result of the “solution”, changing is a 30-minute process because the girls have to use the single-stall bathroom individually, instead of all at once in the locker room.

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Biological Female Volleyball Players Banned From Locker Room For Feeling Uncomfortable Changing With Transgender Teammate – OutKick

Randolph High School investigating gender locker room dispute

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