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Kanye & Candace Owens Spark Controversy With “White Lives Matter” Shirts At Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West & Candace Owens create a ton of controversy after wearing “White Lives Matter” t-shirts at Paris Fashion Week. Kanye, now known simply as “Ye” was in Paris with Candace to orchestrate “YZY Season 9” at the star-studded fashion event. Videos and pictures showed Ye traipsing down a path completely covered in mud for Balenciaga.

Much of the initial commotion surrounding Ye was simply about Balenciaga and not about any controversial slogans. All of that changed when pictures and videos surfaced of Ye and Candace Owens with long-sleeve t-shirts that had images on the front and back. The front of the shirt had a person that appeared to be Pope John Paul II. There is writing on the top of the Pope graphic, presumably in Italian. Writing beneath the Pope appears to say “Juan Pablo”. On the back of these shirts is where the “White Lives Matter” slogan comes into play.

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This shirt set the internet world on fire. Will Smith’s boy, Jaden Smith, walked out of the show because he did not like the message. Black Lives Matter Grassroots released a statement condemning the message, saying that it acts as an affront to BLM and could cause violence. BLM Grassroots also said the term “White Lives Matter” has been taken over by white supremacist groups and the Klan. Marc Lamont Hill said the shirt was “disgusting, dangerous, and irresponsible”. Kanye responded to all of the critics with an Instagram story that simply stated “Everyone knows Black Lives Matter was a scam, now it’s over, you’re welcome”.


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  1. Sadly untrue, not everybody knows BLM was and still is one big fat ‘blackety black black scam. I hate “Ye”, his music if it can even be called that and all he stands for, and obviously this is just yet another skin color based publicity cash grab stunt at the expense of white people (exactly like BLM), but he finally got one semi-right. I say semi because there are tens of millions of dumb delusional brainwashed white kids subscribing to the racist sociological ideologies of CRT/BLM/LGBT etc.

    These buffalo soldier hypocrites and cronies all need a slap of reality, more black folks blowing up fake fabricated history rewriting black history, spreading current facts of violent out of control criminal racist black America and its corrupt representatives, reality and lastly the truth about straight white people with 50+ IQ’s. Otherwise its gonna be a race war that ends very badly for blacks. As in back in chains or dead bad.

  2. Yawn… the resident troll speaks. Yawn. Poor baby pooped its pants again. Awe. LOL Listen up you little brown uneducated illegal immigrant, come and get it anytime you like, im here, ready and waiting you whiny bitch 🙂


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