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Hollywood Producer Of “Space Jam” Caught Meeting 15-Year-Old Girl!

Hollywood film producer Herschel Weingrod was allegedly caught meeting a 15-year-old girl in Los Angeles. The film producer and screenwriter has several high-profile works under his belt, including “Falling Down” (1993) and Space Jam (1996).

YouTubers Vitaly and Bradley Martin caught Weingrod on camera sitting with the girl. Bradley claimed that the teenager was his daughter. Weingrod initially said his name was “Boris” when he was confronted by the YouTubers and the team around them. He also said the girl was 23, and he met her on a dating site. Weingrod then admitted that she did, in fact, tell him that she was 15 years old.

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Vitaly said that police were on their way, but whether Weingrod was arrested is unclear. Los Angeles County is notorious for letting child offenders and other criminals off the hook without much penalty at all.


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