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TikTok Sues The United States Over Potential Ban, Citing First Amendment

TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, has sued the United States government over the potential ban it is facing, citing its First Amendment rights. TikTok says the United States is denying its freedom of speech through a divest or be-banned ultimatum. President Biden signed off on a bill that requires TikTok to sell to an approved US company or face a complete ban in the United States.

Legal experts raised concerns about the bill long before TikTok said they would sue. If TikTok is forced to sell, similar things could happen to other foreign and domestic companies. The United States was built upon a foundation of freedom and liberty for individuals and enterprises. Bills like this signal an ending of that spirit in the eyes of many.

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However, the United States is not the only country planning to censor or outright ban TikTok. India has banned it, and the results have been mixed. Ironically enough, China bans TikTok. They have a similar platform called Douyin. It is technically the same as TikTok aside from the content and algorithm. Douyin has content that the Chinese Communist Party thinks is better suited for developing the Chinese citizenry. TikTok is filled with content for entertainment and the promotion of business.


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