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Houston Grandmother Exercises Her Second Amendment Rights

A grandmother from Houston, Texas was forced to exercise her Second Amendment right during a botched robbery. Keshondra Howard Turner, a 53-year-old woman, was operating her food truck in a Houston parking lot just the same as she had been for the past three years. Crime was never an issue for as long as she’s been in business.

The crime-free streak ended when a man pulled up to her food truck off of South Main at Fondren in a black pickup. He approached her food truck and asked what type of food they had. They showed him a bag of chicken and, at that point, he produced a gun and attempted to rob them. After pointing the gun inside the truck, he actually tried to shoot it. The gun jammed, and that’s when Turner pulled her own gun and fatally shot him.

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Deadly shooting during food truck robbery | Houston, Texas crime |

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