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IRS Visits Home Of “Twitter Files” Journalist On The Day Of His Congressional Testimony

The IRS paid “Twitter Files” journalist Matt Taibbi a visit at his home on the day of his Congressional testimony about the weaponization of Government. Since Taibbi was obviously not home, they left a note on his door with instructions to call back four days later. It is strange for the notoriously difficult-to-contact IRS to ever show up at someone’s home unannounced, especially for something as simple as what wound up being two previous tax returns rejected due to suspicion of identity theft. Taibbi did not even owe the IRS money. In fact, the IRS owed him a substantial amount. So the obvious question is… did the IRS visit his home to intimidate him or was it out of grave concern?

Matt Taibbi and fellow journalist Michael Shellenberger testified before congress earlier in March 2023. They were there to speak about the information found in the “Twitter Files” as it relates to the weaponization of Government. Both journalists were accused by leftist politicians of being pawns and “scribes” for Elon Musk. In full disclosure, Elon did provide Taibbi, Bari Weiss, and potentially Schellenberger with a treasure trove of data to dig through and report on. However, Elon Musk also gave them full autonomy to report whatever they saw fit, including information that could be damaging to Musk himself. Taibbi and the other journalists assigned to this task did their jobs without bias from political pressure and that might actually be the problem.

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