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How Much Of The General Public Knows Where Ukraine Is On A Map?

An interesting video has surfaced online featuring people in America attempting to identify the location of Ukraine on a blank map. A handful of people were accurate with their locating skills. However, most people were totally off. Quite a few individuals pointed to Australia as Ukraine’s location.


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One man even pointed to Australia for Ukraine then Papua New Guinea as Russia because PNG is smaller than Australia but nearby. Actually, quite a few people pointed to Australia. One person even pointed to Argentina in South America. Maybe this happened because the countries are fairly large and colored blue on the map on the easel. The blue color could correlate to Ukraine’s blue and yellow flag that has been saturated all over mainstream media.

Videos like this are often entertaining but they are also scary. If the United States is producing adults who know all about social justice but next to nothing about world history or geography, then the nation is in serious trouble.


The less Americans know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want U.S. to intervene – The Washington Post

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