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Merrick Garland Appears To Blame Trump Supporters For FBI Criticism

Attorney General Merrick Garland appeared to blame Trump supporters for recent anti-FBI attacks. This is not necessarily referring to the Ohio shooting incident that happened on Thursday, August 11th. Garland was referring more to the overwhelming amount of criticism the bureau has received after the raid on Trump’s home at Mar-A-Lago.

Apparently, criticism of the FBI was so bad that Garland took the time out to do a press conference on it. Several news personalities have appeared on television to echo similar sentiments. The problem with what Garland and others are saying is that criticizing the FBI is a practice as old as the bureau itself. It may have intensified somewhat in recent years, but that is not without reason.

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The FBI (and the Federal Government in general) have been caught up in several high-profile disaster cases. The Gretchen Whitmer “kidnapping” debacle wound up netting zero convictions because mostly everyone involved was either a federal agent or an informant. New groups like “The Patriot Front” are widely believed to be comprised of mostly FBI agents or those adjacent to the bureau. Then there was the case of the previous Attorney General, Eric Holder, running guns to Mexico with the blessing of Barack Obama in the now-infamous “Fast And Furious” scandal. Those are just examples in recent history but it is just as easy to go back several decades to find more.

The American people are fed up with being gaslit about the events happening in this country. FBI agents themselves are not necessarily the target of American frustration. It is the political objectives of their leadership that causes all of the problems.


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