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Howard Stern Hates Trump Supporters

Howard Stern hates Trump Supporters, but not necessarily Donald Trump himself. After all, Stern was very good friends with Trump for many years. At least 30 years. When Trump got married to Marla Maples, Stern was there. Stern was also invited to Trump’s next wedding when he married Melania. There are pictures of Trump and Stern hanging out, having a great time. And, of course, they come from the same place – Queens New York. They are not far apart in age either. Howard Stern is 66 and Donald Trump is 73.

So what’s the problem? Why does Howard Stern hate Trump supporters so much? One can only speculate the true reason. But it’s easy to make an educated guess here. Because many other celebrity friends of Trump are now coming out against him. What has changed after the 20 to 30 years that these so-called “friends” of Trump have known him? It’s simple. Since Trump became the Republican President, his millionaire celebrity friends have turned their backs on him.

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Hobnobbing in big-ticket international hotels and venues of the like across the world is difficult when other people there think you are a racist. Or, just in some way different than they are. You are not welcomed into the proverbial “club.” This is what’s called peer pressure. It’s difficult to imagine fully grown men and women, some of whom are actually senior citizens, succumbing to peer pressure. But it’s a real thing. People don’t want to give up their social circles. So the easiest way to preserve themselves in their social spheres is to cut ties with a person deemed as toxic. Even if that person was not toxic and hasn’t changed in the 30 years that you’ve known them.

Howard Stern is simply the latest celebrity that has succumbed to peer pressure. He lashes out at Trump supporters and labels them as being unintelligent. Stern even goes as far as saying he hates Trump supporters. This is most likely the same type of talk that he hears on a daily basis in his social circles. Even though he’s made a career as a “shock jock,” he does not want to be the odd guy out. And it’s really a shame because individuality is a thing that Stern exuded for over 30 years. Not so much any longer.

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