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Radio Host In Trouble For “Misgendering” PA Health Secretary!

Radio host Marty Griffin of KDKA-AM Pittsburgh is accused of “misgendering” Pennsylvania Department of Health Secretary Doctor Rachel Levine. Levine is a biological male that identifies as female. The incident took place during a press call with the secretary regarding the virus.

Griffin referred to Levine as “sir” while asking about Pennsylvania’s “end game” for reopening after the virus. Levine said Griffin’s remarks were “insulting.” She(?) asked Griffin “please don’t misgender me.” Marty Griffin has since apologized for the “sir” misgendering comments.

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According to The Pittsburgh City paper said Griffin had “misgendered” Levine at least three times during the course of two questions he asked. Pittsburgh’s Mayor Bill Peduto canceled a scheduled interview with Griffin after the misgendering fiasco.

For full disclosure, I have appeared in an interview with Wendy Bell and Marty Griffin back in July of 2019. Marty came off actually as more of a liberal, and Wendy the conservative. Which makes the outrage mob descending upon Marty really ironic and strange.

The controversy surrounding this case is rooted deeper than just this case. According to “2 Political Junkies” (a watchdog group?), Griffin said a similar thing about Chelsea Manning back in 2014. He referred to Manning as “Mr. Bradley” and said that he had some sort of “bizarre sex change.”

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It’s Not Just About Marty

Then there is the issue of Griffin’s co-host, Wendy Bell. She jumped into some hot water herself earlier in the year for saying that the country shouldn’t shut down for a virus to save less than one percent of the population. Bell also made some “racially insensitive” comments back in 2016 about a black family (five people and a baby, making the total six) who were gunned down. She expressed compassion and grief for the family due to the killers not being found.

The issue of controversy at KDKA-AM over the recent “misgendering” kerfuffle is easy to understand. Some people have axes to grind for previous “controversial” statements made by the station. And then, of course, there are virtue-signaling quotas to make. All of this is more political than anything else. As per usual with the upper-echelon of the left.

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