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San Francisco Walgreens Place Chains On Freezers To Prevent Shoplifting

San Francisco Walgreens stores have resorted to placing steel chains on the doors of their freezers to prevent shoplifting. News reporters captured images of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, among other things, literally behind lock and key. There is a button that customers can push next to the freezer if people want access to the freezer. The button is placed conveniently above the location where one part of the chain is affixed to the wall. Such measures point to the desperate nature of San Francisco retail locations.

Many other establishments have left the once glorious city on the bay. Retail theft of anything below $1,000 does not get prosecuted. Then there is the problem of rampant drug abuse and mental illness going unchecked in the city. News outlets have even recorded shoplifting as it happens. The thefts are brazen – on camera and in broad daylight. All of these factors make for an unsafe place where carving out a living can be difficult if that living is made through retail.

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