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I Will NEVER Protest My Country On The 4th of July Or Any Other Day

I’ll never protest against my country on the 4th of July. Or any other day for that matter. I am an American and proud of it. I was born here and by virtue of my birth, I am entitled to this place. My ancestors were slaves many generations ago. They made the ultimate sacrifice. Without their suffering, I could not exist and prosper. Many black Americans like myself have the same story, but view their story from a place of contempt rather than pride.

Where Is All Of This Coming From?

Pockets of black Americans are encouraged from a young age to view the United States through a hateful lens. They are negatively judged by their peers if they view America in a positive way. Several obscure groups of thought within the “black community” in America preach anti-American rhetoric. These “pockets” have always existed largely underground… until recently.

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The phenomenon of “Black Lives Matter” first reared its ugly head back in 2015 during the Freddie Gray and Michael Brown race riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri respectively. Protests that began as anti-police brutality quickly morphed into something totally different. The young men who died were no longer the focus. The new focus was on a thing that some label “racial reconciliation” which is no more than thinly-veiled vengeance against white people.

What is the purpose of being vengeful against those who have done no harm? In the minds of black Americans who are in that particular state of mind, there is a laundry list of harm that white people have committed against black people. The first topic that is always brought up is slavery. As if only white Americans enslaved blacks and there was never anyone else enslaved. As if blacks and other American “racial minorities” never enslaved whites or one another.

Smoke and Mirrors SJW Style

Police brutality is a sore-spot for vengeful blacks who simply do not like whites in America. At least that’s what they say. In reality, it is simply a red herring because police brutality is not truly an issue in America. Are there some random instances of police brutality that happen in America? Sure. Do they disproportionately affect the black community? No. Nor is it even a serious issue to discuss, as previously stated. Police brutality is simply a smokescreen for feelings of envy and, of course, vengeance.

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White people and other non-black racial groups in America aid in fostering the vengeful heart of black Americans. Not because they do things to directly harm black people like police brutality. But because they do things they think will help like join them in a Black Lives Matter “protest” where they block cars on the road. Or break into private neighborhoods to go protest a mayor about non-existent black community grievances. Or burn a Wendy’s down because a black person was shot by police in a justified shooting.

All I see around the United States are small pockets of angry people that are fighting, and succeeding to a certain extent, to become mainstream. The bullying and “peer” pressure tactics do not affect me. I am my own person and I will continue to be so. Regardless of what some random white or black liberal think-piece writer on Huffington Post thinks.

Nobody Wants To Leave

The United States is the best country on Earth. Hands down. Feel free to fact-check that. Funny part about the previous statement is that someone will try to do it. And they’ll come up with a random country in Northern Europe like Sweden. Although the theme is vengeance against anyone white from the black community.

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I love this country and most of the race hustlers love it as well. Because through all the hate and envy towards America, towards certain racial groups, and towards success in general as a concept, most Americans have no desire to leave this country. My ancestors fought and died to make this place what it is. It is my birthright and my duty to honor myself and protect my country. That’s what I’ll do. And I’ll never fold to the outrage mob who thinks I should behave in a different way.

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  1. Right on ABL! Those who want to smash America and what she stands for, I suggest go live in another country, say, Mexico or Saudi Arabia. then make your move. Sure as water is wet, you’ll be staying here. One thing I really appreciate about your network is the unvarnished look at reality. This day, Independance Day, is something to treasure, yet, for the younger generation it is not. Mostly due to ignorance, poor education, poor parenting, yada yada yada. BUT…you can make your own way here. ABL’s done it. Look right here. He’s promoting his brand, giving valuable information, and food for thought. What a great thing to see!

    Keep on keeping on my brotha!

  2. I truly believed we, the chosen pepple of this country are blessed. The Native American people were conquered, not just in America, but in many parts of the world. Still, whether or not those Native Americans had the ability to advance with those who took over their nation at the time throughout the years is left up to the leadership of the particular tribe.

    It doesn’t matter where you came from ethnically or how one assimilates…the bottom line is this, we are Americans.


  3. My hat off to you! I’m a Red Blooded American of Mexican decent! 3rd Generation American born! This is the greatest country the world has ever known!!!! I love this country and will die for it! I’m a disabled veteran and have not one regret about giving 8 years of my life active and National Guard. I have been to third world countries and the so called protesters have no idea of how good they have it! I came across your you tube videos and website today! Looking forward to more of your work!!

  4. ABL News YouTube the best News with the man with the greatest smile. Love those white teeth, they are beautiful.

    Mr. Anthony B. Logan, thank you for your hard work. You show is priceless can’t watch enough. YouTube Saturday nights are excellent. I am new listener , but we are catching on and up.

    God bless and may He with all Americans help meet your needs and wants, because your labor of love sould receive a great bounty. You are needed most in America’s homes right now. Truly thank you sir.




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