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Black Lives Matter “Protesters” KILL 8-Year-Old Girl in Atlanta!

An 8-year-old girl named Secoriea Turner was shot and killed in Atlanta while riding in a car with her mother after they happened upon a Black Lives Matter protest area similar to CHAZ / CHOP in Seattle.

How Did This Happen?

Here’s the backstory. The mother was riding with her daughter and a friend on the I-85 interstate. She then got off at the University Avenue exit. This particular area had been sort-of blocked off after the Rayshard Brooks shooting. The now-burned down Wendy’s restaurant is very close to the interstate exit.

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Black Lives Matter protesters were using the burned husk of Wendy’s and the surrounding area as their own autonomous zone. Police had previously removed makeshift barriers in that area, but so-called BLM “protesters” put them back up.

When the mother approached the new barrier, they were told to pull into a parking lot and turn around. They weren’t given a chance to do so. At least two of the “protesters” in the area fired into the vehicle, shooting and killing the little girl inside. It’s not clear if the mother and friend were shot but they did survive.

This Has Become A Pattern

Unfortunately, the shooting of Secoriea Turner is not the first shooting that Black Lives Matter have been involved with. The aforementioned CHAZ / CHOP area in Seattle had two deadly shootings, one of which was confirmed to come from the zone’s own security. In the quest to seek justice for and safety from police brutality, more injustice and less safety was the result.

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Incidences of violence that extend all the way up to murder have gone up dramatically all over the nation. Popular anti-police rhetoric has caused police to simply become less effective. Most people are law-abiding citizens that do not need police in their everyday lives. But there is a criminal element that exists and it most certainly must be controlled. Without police, criminality runs rampant and innocent citizens, like Secoriea Turner, become victims.

Remove The Wool From Your Eyes

Black Lives Matter are seen as a benevolent group with a few bad apples. But the reality is that one of the co-founders of BLM has gone on television and said that they are trained marxists and have the ultimate purpose of removing Donald Trump from office. What does any of that have to do with black lives? It’s time for those who are hypnotized by the messaging of BLM to wake up and snap out of it before it’s too late.


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  1. Love the dude calling you a sellout for bitching about black thugs killing a kid. That’s the state of affairs today.

  2. Where do we go from here. A great crime was committed. This beautiful soul should be with her parents today, but we ask You Heavenly Father to please receive her soul and spirit as her ghost was stolen from her in Christ Jesus name. Amen.

    Crimes against children how low can one go?

    Holy Spirit please do what You do best in, through, and for this child’s family and friends in Christ Jesus name. Amen.

    We give thanks to You Father for healing and making them whole in the fullness of Jesus Christ in Christ Jesus name. Amen.

    This breaks my heart. I was born in 1961 when will hatred end? Oh just another dead n _ gg _ r. I am white so they tell me. Irish and Cherokee, the Irish only wants to get high, not me. The Cherokees go into war saying this is a great day to dy, not me, I want to survive and live. Deep down inside is a proud black man that knows the importance of showing mercy, Christ Jesus.

    People don’t know the, ” Golden Rule, ” anymore. Most think that it is, ” Do unto others as they have done to you. ” That is not it. It is, ” Do unto others as you wish for them to do unto you.”

    What happened to the teaching, if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. My grandson learned a new phrase in our local Dairy Queen parking lot the other night while we waited for his grandmother to get off work. She is a night manager.

    2010 Georgia Code Title 16 – Crimes and Offences Chapter 11 – Offences Against Public Order

    O.C.G.A. 16 – 11 – 39 ( 2010 ) Disorderly Conduct

    ” What Is Prohibited ”

    A person who commits disorderly conduct either:

    • acts in a violent manner towards another person causing that person in reasonable fear of safety;

    • acts in a violent manner towards another person and puts that person’s property in danger of being damaged or destroyed,

    • without provocation use abusive or inciting words to another person intended to provoke violence or escalate a situation ( also called ” fighting words ); or

    • without provocation uses of absence or vulgar language to a child under 14 years of age

    [ Violation of Georgia Disorderly Conduct statue is a,
    ” Misdemeanor, ” which can result in up to one year in jail, a maximum fine of $1000.00, possible probation, community service, and /or an alcohol awareness class. ]

    Most people think this is stupid law. They yell, freedom of speech or I am a adult and can say whatever I want in public.

    I don’t hate much, but I hate the n – word ( n _ gg _ r. ) It isn’t in my vocabulary. It isn’t even a word in our English language. My question is why do men and women of color love the n – word so much? It is found in art, music, entertainment, and is used every day in the black culture. It is degrading to all who hear it. Do people of color love it, because whites aren’t allowed to say it? That would be stupid.

    Why did I write all of the above: Back to my 4 year old grandson’s new phrase taught to him by a young black man while waiting in the Dairy Queen parking lot for his grandmother to get off work.

    It was hot, and we got there early so I let the 4 windows in my truck down. There were 4 girls ( DQ employees ) still on the clock standing outside near my truck. Another group that was waiting on another employee began yelling across the parking lot:

    The conversation went on for about 10 minutes with the f _ _ k word being used 8 times. I didn’t say anything until a young black man the driver of the pick up car asked, when is my friend getting off ( he used the young man’s name. ) The girls said, when he finishes his work.

    Then the driver said, ” Tell the f _ _ken n_ gg _ r that I am going to leave his ass. ” ( This is my grandson’s new phrase. Taught to him by a black man. I heard him use it while playing in his room alone that night. He quoted the whole sentence word for word. )

    I had enough so I informed the 2 groups that Georgia Disorderly Conduct statue. That I could have the local police come and that I could press charges.

    The black man informed me that he was a grown man, and he could say whatever he wanted. He began to provoke and threatened me by replying over and over, ” His mother didn’t raise no, b _ t _ h.”

    So I asked the employees to have my wife ( by her name ) to call the police that I wanted to press charges against the driver, once the 4 girls learned who I was they guit the crusing.

    The black man kept provoking me, and I was coming down to his level. Then he turn his stereo in his car up very loudly the song was by ” Apache ” – ” Gangsta B _ t _ h. ” Nasty and degrading to all women. Again why such vulgar expressions. Between this and the n – word being used so much how can anyone hold their heads high?

    The young man got his rider, and threatened me as they left. Then the 4 girls walked out to 1 of the girl’s cars. 3 black girls and 1 white got into a black girls car and pulled up behind my truck blocking me where I could not leave and stop.

    I couldn’t see them , so I didn’t know if they had guns or what. Then they turned up the stereo very loudly with Apache – ” Gangsta B _ t _ h.” I got out of the truck they left in a hury.

    The next day my wife spoke with the # 1 manager ( who is black ) at the DQ. She said, she would confront the cursing, but the music was okay. The owner heard about the whole manner and told my wife she should have called the law. She didn’t want to hurt anyone. He also told her that he didn’t want any loud music play in his parking lot, not even, ” Jesus Christ Superstar. ”

    • We are taught to love our neighbors : Matthew 5:34, 44; 19:19; 22:37; 12:31 – 33; Romans 13:10; Galatians 5:14:

    • We should love our enemies : Luke 6:27, 35; and there are many more scriptures that supports this etc….

    • Love one another : John 13: 34, 35; Romans 12:10, 13:8; Galatians 5:13; 1 Thessalonians 4:9; Hebrews 13:1; 1 Peter 1:22; 3:8; 1 John 3:23, 4:7, 4:11

    I have prayed over other children and my grandson that God’s Holy Spirit will burn the n – word from the next generations minds, and future generations memory in Christ Jesus name. Amen. This I know is God’s will. Father by Your Holy Spirit remove hate from Your creation for people were created by You to love one another in Christ Jesus name. Amen. Alleluia!



    My full name means : Dear to God in the valley son of righteousness. I minister in the valleys of my surroundings. I have nothing, because the needy are near. You don’t need a word from God. You have been given eyes to see, and ears to hear the cries of a lost and dieing world. Please make a difference in your world today. Thank you.

    Feed the hungry. Visit those in hospital and prisons. Listen to the sad, lonely, unlovely, and troubled. You may not have an answer to all their issues , but listening shows that someone cares. Even the rich need to be loved.


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