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Ice Cube Says He Has Been Blacklisted By The View And Oprah During Tucker Carlson Interview

Ice Cube gave an exclusive interview to Tucker Carlson in which he spoke about being “banned” or blacklisted from certain platforms, including Oprah and The View. Ice Cube has been in blockbuster movies like “Barbershop” and controversial tv series like “Black/White.” Both of these productions had reunions of the cast on Oprah, but for some reason, Ice Cube was not invited. No reason for the lack of invitation was given. Cube also says that he has never had any negative interactions with Oprah that would explain any sort of grievance or issue that may exist between them.

The entertainment mogul, rapper, and actor said he had been on The View before but things have recently changed. Cube attributes the change to his publicly “free-thinking” stance that goes against the politics of The View. They have platformed other conservatives and/or non-liberals so Ice Cube’s blacklisting prompts a larger question. Why would they not want to give him airtime? Maybe it is because Ice Cube is a famous and influential person that could prompt people to think and behave differently, unlike many of the other people they give airtime to.

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