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Illegal Aliens In Texas Stage Fake Robberies To Get Coveted U-Visas

Illegal aliens in Texas have been involved in a string of fake robberies in an attempt to gain a coveted VISA from the United States Government. The idea is to stage a robbery and report it to the police. Once a police report is drawn up, they can appeal to the Government for a “U Visa.” This Visa was designed to help victims of human trafficking and domestic violence cooperate against the perpetrators. It also extends to nonimmigrants (illegal aliens) who have been a victim of a crime in the United States. Scammers attempt to gain the system by staging their own victimization and using that to appeal to the Government and obtain this Visa.

Unfortunately for one 22-year-old scam participant, a good samaritan was in his vehicle during one of these fake robberies. It happened at a gas station for obvious reasons. Plenty of cameras and lighting make it easy to see that a scuffle took place. As the fake robber made his getaway, the bystander got out of his vehicle and shot him. The fake robber wound up dying. The shooter was on parole and should not have had a gun, and he is being charged with murder and probably a gun charge.

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