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Wendy’s Throws Jabs At McDonald’s, Reveals $3 Value Meal

Wendy’s is throwing serious jabs at their fast-food competitor, McDonald’s, by introducing a $3 value meal. This comes on the heels of the Golden Arches food giant revealing its $5 meal option. Although Wendy’s already has the $5 “biggie back” nearly identical to the McDonald’s ultra-viral meal, it appears they are upping the ante. The $3 breakfast meal option will include a sausage or egg biscuit with a side order of potato wedges.

All of the recent low-priced food options from fast-food restaurants come as customers complain about the high inflation levels at drive-thru windows across the country. The price of fast food has risen an astonishing 33% since 2019. Food from traditional grocery stores has also increased in price, but not as high as fast food. This has resulted in fewer people indulging in fast food to cut costs, resorting to grocery store visits or online meal delivery options.

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Wendy’s launches $3 deal – Good Morning America

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