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J6 Instigator Ray Epps Sues Fox News, LawyerBlames Them For His Potential Arrest

January 6th riot instigator Ray Epps may be arrested for his role in the melee nearly two-and-a-half years later. This news came about buried deep inside a lawsuit against Fox News and Tucker Carlson. Epps’s lawyer claims that news coverage labeling his client as an undercover federal agent caused the potentially pending arrest. The lawyer claims that if Epps is arrested, it will be due to political pressure not based on fact. Ray Epps was notoriously captured on video egging on the riot, saying “lets go INTO the Capitol.” The crowd around him shouted him down, chanting “fed, fed, fed!”

Others involved with January 6th have been arrested and jailed for doing much less than Ray Epps did, namely Brandon Straka. Straka is the leader and founder of the WalkAway Movement. He gave a speech outside of the Capitol on January 6th. He did not incite a riot nor did he ever venture inside. That did not prevent his life from being turned upside down before he was thrown in jail. It is interesting that Ray Epps has never faced trouble for his actions although many others have. Logically thinking people would assume that he is involved with law enforcement.

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