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Jamie Foxx Accused Of Anti-Semitism After Instagram Post About Jesus

World-famous actor, singer, and comedian Jamie Foxx has been accused of anti-semitism after posting on Instagram about Jesus. The “Ray” actor is accused of using an anti-semitic trope when he wrote, “They killed this dude named Jesus, what do you think they’ll do to you!” Jamie Foxx was simply expressing himself about fake friends using a phrase that is very common in the black community. The phrase is in reference to good, honorable people being treated poorly by others. It is not meant to reference any specific racial or ethnic group. However, many people took what he wrote that way including Jennifer Anniston. She apparently “liked” his original Instagram post, but then acted like her “like” was a mistake. She also disavowed the actor’s “antisemitism.”


Jennifer Aniston Denounces Antisemitism After ‘Liking’ Jamie Foxx Post

Jennifer Aniston fires back after appearing to ‘like’ Jamie Foxx’s ‘horrifically antisemitic’ Instagram post

Jamie Foxx Deletes Jesus Post Amid Anti-Semitism Claims

Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx apologise after backlash over antisemitic post | Hollywood – Hindustan Times

Jamie Foxx apologizes for Jesus post after anti-Semitism accusations |

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