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Kai Cenat Causes NYC Riot After PS5 Giveaway Post On Instagram

Famous Twitch streamer Kai Cenat may have caused a riot in New York City after an Instagram post that appeared to promote a giveaway. Cenat is a bonafide celebrity with tens of millions of followers. He is listed as the most popular Twitch streamer of all time with 100,000 paid subscribers.

When Kai Cenat posted an Instagram story to his millions of followers, there was instant action to the perceived message. The post in question was a graphic that showed Cenat and another man sitting on a large vehicle with the words “Giveaway” emblazoned at the top. The graphic featured images of a PlayStation 5, gaming PCs, a PlayStation controller, and an Elgato Stream Deck. All of the aforementioned things are considered gaming consoles and/or gaming accessories.

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Naturally, Cenat’s followers put two and two together to think that they would come out to the location on the post (Union Square in NYC) for the chance at winning some of the items pictured. Tens of thousands of people showed up. Many of these were teenagers with nothing better to do than wreak havoc. A riot ensued a short time later.

Cenat and other well-known streamers were at Union Square during the riot. Cenat was taken into custody by NYPD… or at least removed from the premises. It is not clear if he was taken away due to organizing the riot or if it was an attempt to dissipate the crowd by removing the uber-famous celebrity. As of the writing of this article, the official cause of the riot and the aftermath of it are still being sorted out.


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