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Jamie Foxx Reveals Why He Was Hospitalized In 2023

Jamie Foxx has revealed what may have sent him to the hospital for an extended time in April 2023. These comments were made during a random talk with fans outside a Phoenix, Arizona, restaurant. The “Ray” actor stated that he had a splitting headache and asked his friend for an Advil. Foxx said he was “gone” for 20 days after that. Then, of course, there was the secretive nature of his departure from the public. People thought they saw him numerous times, but there were just a lot of false positives.

It became a game to see if people could spot Jamie Foxx in the wild or if they could figure out what happened. Before Foxx’s recent revelation, there were a ton of rumors floating around about his mysterious illness. Some say it was because he got the proverbial “jab,” and others say he was cloned for some reason. Foxx’s movie “They Cloned Tyrone,” which is about cloning people, including Jamie himself, did not help dispel the “clone” rumors.

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Jamie Foxx reveals what led to mysterious hospitalization: ‘I was gone for 20 days’

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