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Jewish Columbia Student Throws Black Conservatives Under The Bus

Jewish Columbia student Noa Fay threw black conservatives under the bus during a CNN interview about pro-Palestine protests. Fay, who also identifies as black and Native American, says that Jews who participate in pro-Palestine protests are the same as Blacks for Trump and Gays For Trump. She says both groups are tokenized, and nobody takes them seriously. Such a statement is both racist and unnecessary.

Columbia and other college campuses nationwide are experiencing actual episodes of anti-semitism from leftists. Conservatives are generally on the side of Israel and do not necessarily support the Palestinian effort.

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Fay attacked people more likely to be on her side when the true enemy was some of the people she befriended at Columbia. She displayed bigotry and racism against groups of people for their political beliefs. At the same time, in the same breath, she expresses sadness for being treated the same way at Columbia for being Jewish.


Abby D. Phillip on X: “Noa Fay, a Jewish Columbia student says this about her Jewish classmates involved in the pro-Palestinian protests: “Take them as seriously as we all take Blacks for Trump and Gays for Trump. It’s absolutely a fair comparison, it’s the same tokenization. That’s how seriously we…” / X

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