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Kamala Harris Campaigns For Biden With Cringe Drew Barrymore Interview

Drew Barrymore had one of the most cringeworthy interviews ever with Vice President Kamala Harris. The former child star has become notorious for such interviews, including the awkward conversation with Oprah Winfrey last year. Clips from the Oprah interview went viral due to the cringe-worthy nature of their interaction, just the same as the one with Kamala.

In one of the many clips floating around, Drew Barrymore says that Kamala needs to be the “mamala” for the nation, an obvious play on her first name and needing to give the country love. Kamala awkwardly accepted the nickname in a moment that can be described as uncomfortable.

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The interview appeared to be part of a campaign effort from Kamala on behalf of Joe Biden due to his inability to do anything other than stand in place and attempt not to fall.


Oli London on X: “Drew Barrymore participates in cringe worthy and fawning display with Kamala Harris. Drew Barrymore: “We need you to be ‘Mamala’ of the country.” Kamala: “Yeah, I mean, yeah, no, I know.”” / X

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