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Joe Biden Announces Vaccine Mandate For 100 Million Americans

Joe Biden has announced a sweeping vaccine mandate that will affect 100 million Americans in both the public and private sectors. The previous mandate in place for federal workers will no longer have the opt-out option of weekly testing. All federal workers and contractors (except for the US Post Office) will be required to get the shot. The only exceptions here will be limited medical and religious exemptions.

Private companies and employees also fall under the umbrella of mandatory vaccinations. If a company has more than one hundred employees, they must either test weekly or become vaccinated. There are already several companies that have publicly announced that they will not enforce this regulation on their employees. The Biden administration pledges to fine companies $14,000 for each non-compliant person at a company. Needless to say, this sweeping mandate has caused quite a bit of controversy all over the country from both sides of the political aisle.

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Republican politicians (and a handful of Democrats) call the President’s mandate an obvious overreach. It is bad enough to mandate vaccinations for federal employees. But for DC to reach its hands down into the private sector and manipulate things there is an entirely different story. This situation will most likely play out in the court of law and make its way up to the Supreme Court. Thanks to President Trump and his three conservative SCOTUS nominations, this mandate may ultimately fail. But it will be a serious problem until that time.

Forcing companies to vaccinate their employees seems like an end-around to individual mandatory vaccinations for every US citizen. The idea of such a thing is not just tyrannical but also anti-science. After all, Americans do have quite a bit of personal freedom. Communism hasn’t fallen upon the USA quite yet. And “the science” says that people should consult their doctor before they get any sort of medical treatment. Some people have serious health concerns that vaccinations could complicate. Others do not necessarily need the shot because they’ve had the virus already. No nuance or logic appears to be in place here. This is broad, heavy-handed, and just overall ridiculous. Destined to fail.


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