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Robert E Lee Statue Removed To Be Replaced With Woke Time Capsule

A statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee has been removed from the historic Monument Street in Richmond, Virginia. There is also allegedly a time capsule from 1887 located somewhere in the base of the statue that will be removed as well. As of the writing of this article, the time capsule hasn’t been found. But rumor has it that there are at least 60 pieces of “Confederate memorabilia” inside. A new time capsule will replace the old one (if they can find it). And of course, the new capsule will be filled with leftist propaganda such as a BLM sticker and an expired Pfizer vaccine vail.

Controversy and statues of Confederate generals go together like peanut butter and jelly. There have been various reasons and movements for removal throughout the years. Most of these attempts failed pretty easily. One game-changer that has come about in the past few years is the advent of the Black Lives Matter movement. And, of course, the nearly-unlimited power of social media. Social media and social justice collided with the force of a nuclear bomb when George Floyd died in Minneapolis last year. The large-scale riots of the 2016 election year came back with a vengeance. These riots affected change for the worst all over the country. A big part of this “change” was the assault on historic statues.

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The main reason Confederate statues are targeted for desecration and eventual removal is the overtone of racism. The men portrayed by said statues are often seen as purveyors of race terrorism against non-whites. People who think that is the case view the Civil War that ended in 1865 as a war to perpetuate slavery. This is not necessarily the case because both sides had slaves throughout the entirety of the war. As a matter of fact, the “North” (Union) freed their slaves after the “South” (Confederacy). These facts mean nothing to those who are already driven by social media, peer pressure, and years of public school false indoctrination.

Statue removal has become more than an attempt to root out “racist” structures. People have become rich and famous because of social justice activism. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has a real estate portfolio worth nearly four million dollars. Early BLM advocate Shaun King has a home worth nearly one million dollars in posh New Jersey outside of New York City. The list goes on. The point is that this… movement is largely centered around money and not true justice. Because if it was about justice, then organizations like Planned Parenthood would be brought to task. The Governor of Virginia would be brought to task over his racist yearbook photos. None of that is happening and it is easy to understand why.


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