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Larry Elder Attacked By Woman In Gorilla Mask In Los Angeles

Larry Elder was on the campaign trail in Los Angeles when a white liberal woman wearing a gorilla mask attacked him by throwing eggs. The California recall election is nearly upon us. September 14th, 2021 is the big day. Elder is seen as the front-runner in the list of gubernatorial hopefuls if Gavin Newsome is successfully recalled. Since he is a conservative (even worse, a BLACK conservative) some Californians do not like him too much. A group of homeless people (probably drug addicts) decided to make their displeasure with Larry Elder crystal clear.

It is extremely important for political candidates to campaign. They must be able to reach out and touch the people who they wish to lead. Off-year local elections are often the least attended so races often come down to single-digit votes. Every vote counts in Presidential election years, but they most certainly count in off-year elections with historically low turnout. So Larry Elder must campaign if he wants to win over Californians in the recall. Part of Elder’s campaign took him through Venice, Los Angeles County. Venice Beach has become overrun with drug-addicted homeless people who probably love all the benefits that the Democratic-run government affords them. This, combined with already erratic, drug-induced behavior probably prompted the attack on Elder as he walked through Venice.

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Homeless encampments overrun by drugs are dangerous and attacks on anyone, including Larry Elder, are unfortunately commonplace. The issue with this particular attack is that it is not necessarily uncommon, even among “regular” people without obvious addiction issues. Even if the attack does not manifest itself in a physical form, there are other ways attacks happen. The Los Angeles Times newspaper has published hit piece after hit piece on Larry Elder. One of them even alleged that he pulled a gun on an ex-girlfriend. A story that is not backed up by a police report or physical evidence of any kind. So-called “black-owned” media have been busy crafting their hit-pieces against Elder as well. Hollywood celebrities and megadonors have also attacked the legendary conservative commentator. All of this because he threatens the status quo in California of perpetual Democratic leadership.

If Larry Elder is successful in becoming Governor of California then a whole can of worms will open up before our very eyes. The left will stop pretending to have the best interests of the “black community” at heart. At least, they’ll put a pause on their “altruism” when referring to Larry Elder and any other non-white conservative that may become inspired by him. When that type of inconsistent behavior is observed over a long period of time, questions need to be asked. One of these questions is quite frankly a no-brainer. If Democrats are supposed to be on the side of black people, why are they attacking a black man so viciously? And if Elder is able to get positive things accomplished during his time as Governor, even more questioning of the Democratic party may happen. These scenarios would put a huge dent in the Democratic party of California and maybe even the nation. And elite leftists will go through any means necessary to prevent that from happening.


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