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Joe Biden Gets Handsy With Reporter During Weather Channel Interview

President Joe Biden gets pretty handsy with reporter and meteorologist Stephanie Abrams during an interview on the Weather Channel. While standing up and having a conversation with the Grand Canyon as a backdrop, the President noticed a bug on Abrams’s upper-chest region. He decided to reach out and brush it off, telling her that she had a bug on her. She thanked him. Such a deed may seem small, but others have been fired from their jobs for doing the very same thing. President Trump most certainly could not do that on television without an uproar. Biden does such things on a regular and consistent basis as people totally ignore it.

The substance of the actual interview was climate propaganda at best. This is ironic because one of the founders of The Weather Channel, John Coleman, stated in a 2014 interview that climate change isn’t really a thing. Stephanie Abrams asked Joe Biden about migrants fleeing their countries over climate change. This is an odd question because if Mexico is experiencing a climate crisis, would simply crossing the border make the crisis go away? Is it possible to escape climate change by going to another country if the crisis is global? Biden responded by speaking about lead pipes in the United States and giving aid to countries so they can secure better sources of lighting.

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The idea of electric cars was also heavily pushed during this sit-down (and stand-up) interview. Biden spoke about the car companies promising to go electric by 2050. This will, of course, cause infrastructure problems on top of the preexisting issues the country already has with crumbling infrastructure. Biden said that there will be more charging stations created but a plan to actually power all of this through the grid was not touched on. He also said that wind and solar are cheaper than fossil fuels. This is a bonafide lie. If that was the case then those forms of energy production would have been mentioned when speaking about the effort to power the grid that will feature millions of cars by 2050.


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Andrew @ Don’t Walk, RUN! on Twitter: “Joe Biden is asked about migrants fleeing their countries over “climate change.” His response: A) We’re giving other countries money for “better lighting” and B) we’re replacing all the lead pipes in America. WHUUUUUUUUUUUUUT?!” / X

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