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Singer Ne-Yo Doubles Down On Opinion Of Transgender Youth

Singer Ne-Yo stated that children should not be able to decide to become transgender during a recent interview on the Gloria Velez Podcast powered by Vlad TV. He also made a few other general statements that are widely shared by the general public. Ne-Yo spoke on the toxic cancel culture that has taken over the Western World in which comedians cannot even tell jokes without getting in trouble. Gloria Velez agreed with what he was saying, even adding that the “treatment” given to “trans” children affects them not only mentally, but medical problems may also come about.

Ne-Yo was heavily criticized for his statements about trans youth by the LGBT community, but he also received a lot of support. A publicist apparently issued an apology on behalf of Ne-Yo. The apology was published as a graphic featuring Ne-Yo’s photo covered with the words of a brief statement After the written statement, Ne-Yo recorded a video to give his true thoughts on the matter. The updated video, recorded in black and white from a vehicle, doubled down on the original point about protecting children from such life-altering decisions.

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