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UPDATE The Sassy Trucker Tierra Allen Leaves UAE Comes Back To The USA

Tierra Allen, also known as “The Sassy Trucker”, has left Dubai and returned home to the United States after a travel ban against her was lifted. Allen was unable to leave the United Arab Emirates after an incident in May in which she was detained for “screaming” at (or, to be more exact, defaming) a rental car company worker. The person who filed the complaint against her has since left and returned to Pakistan. She was able to pay a fee of $1,300 to essentially have the travel ban lifted and escape the Islamic country. Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, stated that Tierra Allen was the victim of a common scheme in Dubai. The scheme involves frivolous reports being filed against foreigners with the promise of all police action being dropped if and when a certain amount of money is paid.


Texas woman Tierra Allen, TikTok’s “Sassy Trucker,” leaves Dubai after arrest for “shouting” – CBS News

Texas woman known as the ‘Sassy Trucker’ leaves Dubai after monthslong legal dispute – ABC News

Texas woman Tierra Young Allen known as ‘Sassy Trucker’ leaves Dubai after months-long legal dispute

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