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Joe Biden Heckled In New Jersey After Hurricane Ida Over Afghanistan

Joe Biden was mercilessly heckled in New Jersey while he was in the Garden State immediately following the carnage of Hurricane Ida. Cory Booker and other local New Jersey officials accompanied the President through a residential area to assess localized damage. Several bystanders shouted a variety of things at Biden as he walked through. One man said that his best friend died in Afghanistan back in 2011. The man then asked Joe “for what!?” referring to the sacrifice his friend made only to have Afghanistan essentially revert right back to what it was before his friend died.

There was not much in the way of support for Biden in New Jersey. One would think that this particular area is not far from New York and that it would be more left-leaning. This is not necessarily true. Even if it is a left-leaning or straight-up liberal area, that does not mean people appreciate the job Joe Biden is doing. His approval ratings have plummeted after the Afghanistan fiasco. Even top Democrats who supported the feeble President through the entire “basement” campaign cycle have come out against him.

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